I wrote this a while back, originally meant to be a part of the previous post, but decided to make it into a separate one.  Didn’t get a chance to finish it until now, so enjoy.


The night is young.  I feel invincible, as I do every night.  I find myself out again, in search of life, in search of love, in search of sunrise.  We bypass the line and walk up to a gentleman who stops us.

“Just follow me” R says to all of us.  I’m a bit nervous, but feel the intoxication overwhelming me and don’t care.  We are led to a tall blonde girl in a faux fur coat with a clipboard, with others waiting behind a velvet rope, waiting for a chance.  R exchanges some words and we they start to lead us in.  I squeeze in towards the middle of the group.  Being the youngest, I was hoping to not get singled out by standing with the girls in the group, but they are slow to enter.  I stop and wait for the girls to get inside before I start to enter.  A gentleman grabs me by the arm…

“Who are you?  I need to see ID” What ID?  I’m far too young to be here.  Before I have the chance to respond R comes out and says I’m with them, as we quickly enter in the black nothingness.

Lights appear.  First red. Then yellow. Images flash on what in the open air.  Heavy bass so loud that I feel my clothes move on my body.

“We’re going upstairs,” someone says as we make our way through half dressed women and muscle bound guys in tight t-shirts.  We get to the top, and the music welcomes me.  It feels carefree, it feels like home.  I’m at Karma.

Fifteen years later karma catches up to me as I speak to a former veteran of the industry.  We were all faceless names back then.  The person, sitting across from me now sells RVs.

After my first visit to Karma I fell in love with the music and the scene.  I found myself throwing events at various venues throughout the city, but never had the chance to throw one at Karma as they closed down.  I heard it was due to drugs.

I find myself back deep down this rabbit hole, but it doesn’t feel the same.  I’m here helping a friend who needs help renegotiating terms for a venue after finding themselves deep in the hole… They are somewhere in the back room, while I wait here in the midst of the dance floor.

The senses don’t lie, and things feel nostalgic.  The lights are hypnotic and I can’t seem to make myself move.   A girl grabs my arm and tries to pull me over as she dances with another girl.  A guy bumps into me and says something.  Don’t know what.  Doesn’t matter, I’m still invincible.  I miss smoking inside.

losing my senses
lost in my head
i am nothing, and no one
and nowhere at all
i am thoughtless and i fought this on my own

this is the wrong way
this is the long way down


Twenty years later, G finds himself in a line, with a group walking out of the darkness into a entrancing spectacle.  He will enjoy a few visits before his life dramatically changes.  He will meet some people years later that were there that night.

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